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Becoming Patrick "No Compromise With Evil" Wyett

Sam Jones: Welcome to The Shining Light Podcast. Our goal is to separate the wheat from the tares and to shine light into the darkness. I’m Pastor Sam Jones, and I’m joined with Patrick “No Compromise With Evil” Wyett. Now Patrick, where did you get that name: No Compromise With Evil?

Patrick Wyett: You know I was trying to figure out some names that would kind of fit, and I was trying not to be overly aggressive. So I tried this first: 4Given, but that was taken. So I was bouncing around other things that were related to that. Saved by Grace, but that one was taken. So all these names were taken, and after my tenth one that I tried on WordPress where I was signed in, I said, “What am I about?” What about No Compromise With Evil? So I put that in there, and nobody had taken that name. I was kind of surprised! But I guess it cuts to the heart of the matter, doesn’t it?

SJ: That really does cut to the heart of the matter. Unfortunately, it probably tells us quite a bit about our culture also. I mean, if nobody’s taken No Compromise With Evil, a lot of that is because people are compromising with evil.

In that article that you were coming up with for that WordPress name, you touch on a man who was compromising with evil. Could you tell me a little bit about how he was compromising with evil and a little bit about your article?

PW: Well, it was a sermon at the GARBC Conference... I believe. So I listened to his sermon that you had sent my way and said, “What do you think about this?” Real quick I noticed a pattern with him speaking that sounded more like something you’d hear from the Southern Baptist Convention or The Gospel Coalition. Lo and behold, it was from the same talking points. You’ll hear this over and over again from pastors right now, that hot topic was, “Why are churches so white?” Also things that are racially motivated, as far as how they are looking at the congregation not from a Christian worldview, but from this worldview of a facet of Social Justice that’s known as Critical Race Theory or you could also call it Identity Politics.

So this has crept into the church, and it definitely has an origin. It comes from a place, and that place is not the Bible.

This is a partial transcript from an episode of The Shining Light Podcast entitled Critical Race Theory. You can listen to the entire episode below.

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