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Bad Christianing loves intersectionality

True story... One time, a woman who used to attend my church was talked to about her son's horrible public behavior on social media and rather than apologize and correct her child, she began to cry as though SHE was a victim and actually said THESE words:

"I just need a safe-space."

Yes, this actually happened.

Why would a church-going evangelical use hard-left terminology?

She had already been feeding herself and her children with the heresy of the 'social justice gospel' for a long time. Reading trashy SJW articles and sharing them with anyone who would listen.

Bad parenting loves intersectionality.

Bad Christianing loves intersectionality.

Jesus hates it.

Jesus was the greatest victim in the history of the world.

You were the villain who brought harm to Him.

If you have truly repented for your villainy you would never consider pretending you were a victim.

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