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Astrophysicist Hugh Ross explains his Old Earth Creation theology | Conversations with Jeff #92

Hugh Ross, a world-renowned Christian astrophysicist, joins this episode of Conversations with Jeff to discuss his views on Creation, which include the earth being billions of years old and the days of Creation being periods of time, not individual days. The show wraps up with a discussion on how to point people to the Gospel using science and the study of the origins of the earth.

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Today's episode of Conversations with Jeff features Christian astrophysicist Hugh Ross explaining his view that the earth is billions of years old. Host Jeff Dornik is a strong believer in a Young Earth and that Genesis is referring to seven 24 hour periods of time. Essentially, that the earth was created in six literal days and God rested on the seventh. Then, basing the years listed in the Biblical genealogies, we can estimate that the earth is approximately 6000 years old.

Hugh Ross, however, takes the approach that Genesis is referring to seven long periods of time, citing his understanding that Eve was not actually created on the sixth 24-hour day, but after Adam had been alone for a period of time. While Ross would agree that Eve was created on the sixth day, he believes in a different interpretation as to the length of the "day" in Genesis. While he flat out denies evolution, he does believe in an Old Earth.

The conversation then turns to how to talk to non-Christians about Intelligent Design and even point them back to the Gospel, all while using science to point to the truth. Since the Bible is true, then science will prove it. This is why it's fascinating talking about and studying science... it actually proves what we read in Scripture!

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