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Ask Dr Mike: Voting Democrat, The Age of the Earth & Jesus the Healer

Ask Dr Mike is a monthly show where Jeff Dornik asks Dr Mike Spaulding questions submitted by listeners throughout the month. Here are the questions Dr Mike answered during this episode:

1. Is it a sin to vote for Democrats? What if I can't bring myself to vote for Trump?

2. Some say the earth is thousands of years old, others say billions. Does the Bible tell us how old the earth really is?

3. In Matthew, the sick and even the healthy expect the Son of David to be a healer. It's not clear to me why the 1st century Jews would have expected the Son of David (which I interpret to be the Messiah/Anointed One/Rightful King) to be a healer from reading the OT.

Matthew 9:27 - Blind men call out to Jesus specifically as "Son of David"

Matthew 12:22-23 - Jesus healed sick and drove out demons to which the people asked, "Could this be the Son of David?"

Matthew 15:22 - A Canaanite woman (not even a Jew) referred to Jesus as "Son of David" when she asked him to heal her daughter's demon possession

Matthew 20:30 - Two blind men shouted to Jesus as "Son of David" specifically for Him to have mercy on them in healing

Matthew 21:14-15 - After Jesus healed the blind and lame, the crowds proclaimed Jesus to be "Son of David"

I see glimpses of the Son of David, stump of Jesus and the Branch all through the OT, but I'm not catching the "vibe" that the 1st century Jews would have seen this King as a healer. What am I missing? The stump of Jesse is presented as One who will judge with righteousness and justice. He will have an eternal kingdom.

Isaiah 4, 7, 9, 11, 40, 49, 52, 53, 61

Psalm 2, 9, 22

Jeremiah 23, 33

Daniel 2, 7, 9

Zechariah 6

I do see in Isaiah 35 that God will bring healing, but it doesn't mention anything about the Anointed King.

Isaiah 42:7? Did they associate the Servant with the King? What's the link?

I'm just trying to get the clear connection that Matthew is making about the Son of David. It's easy for me in today's world to equivocate The Servant, the Messiah, the Rock, Jesus, the Christ, the Son of Man, The Son of God, the Son of David, The Word... but I'm sure it is because of good theological teaching.

But I just don't see the connection for the 1st century Jews to the Son of David being a healer.

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