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Ask Dr Mike: Covid-19 & Eschatology, the Doctrine of Separation and Criticizing Pastors

Ask Dr Mike is a monthly show where Jeff Dornik asks Dr Mike Spaulding questions submitted by the viewers over the course of the month. This is an opportunity for you to anonymously ask any Bible questions you might have.

The first question asked was how COVID-19 plays into eschatology. This has become a common question, as we are seeing a big push by the Globalists and Marxists to implement things that sure seem to point to Revelation. So the question is: Is what we are seeing prophesied in Revelation or are these simply the Birth Pangs?

The next question is related to the Doctrine of Separation. This is definitely a complicated issue, as it takes nuance and discernment to make that decision on a case-by-case basis. There's not really a blanket answer, which makes this question even more important to answer. Dr Mike helps you to understand where the line should and shouldn't be.

The final question that was asked was about criticizing pastors and whether this is something that we should be participating in. Often times those that critique pastors are labeled as divisive. The charge is also made that they should use the steps found in Matthew 18 BEFORE publicly critiquing their teachings. Dr Mike explains how we should deal with this controversial issue.

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