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An Audience of One

This episode of The Berean Academy features a deep dive into the book of 1 Samuel. Here’s the outline of the conversation…

Chapter 2: Hannah's song. Poetry as a craft written to an audience of one--God.

Eli's sons and Samuel. How to apply, appoint, and appraise the talents of those called by God, and what that means about anointing.

Chapter 8: Israel's infamous demand for a king. What this reveals to us about the nature of government, and why that matters for teaching social studies, government, and political science.

Chapter 9: The anointing of Saul. Rites of passage, what they mean, why they must be taken very solemnly.

Chapters 13-14: Saul and Jonathan's rash mistakes. The importance of both method and theory in learning.

David's status as a musician!

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