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America's implosion is the fault of The Church | Jeff Dornik on Dr Mike Live

No one can deny that America is imploding. We are witnessing the fabric of our nation crumble before our eyes. This is not something that happened overnight. It's been a long time coming, and we've watched our country devolve step-by-step without actually doing anything to rectify the situation.

The true root of the problem with our nation today is spiritual blindness. This is because the Gospel is not being faithfully and boldly proclaimed. This is a result of weak pastors who refuse to strongly declare the truth. Because of this, we've witnessed America become a nation with no morals, no values and no God.

Jeff Dornik and Dr Mike Spaulding take a deep dive into this vitally important topic. Had our pastors been doing their job correctly, our nation would have been in a much better place, as people would be hearing the Gospel, placing their faith in Jesus Christ and living transformed lives. The chaos of 2020 is a direct result of our nation turning its back on God, and that has occurred because of the failure of many of our Church Leaders.

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