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Alleged President Joe Biden protects illegal alien sex offenders

The talking point from the Democrats was always that illegal immigrants who aren't breaking any laws should be able to stay in the US. Now the White House is protecting pedophiles and sex offenders from being deported.

Operation Talon was created under the Donald Trump administration that targeted sex offenders and pedophiles for deportation. During his first weeks in the White House, Alleged President Joe Biden cancelled this operation, providing cover for the worst of the worst among illegal immigrants, endangering the lives of every single American. Biden has essentially made America a safe haven for the scum that have abused and raped women and children.

For years, the Democrats have demonized Conservatives for wanting to enforce our immigration laws. They would continually make it seem as if they were simply trying to protect the “innocent” illegal immigrants from deportation who wanted nothing more than to work and provide for their families. But when push comes to shove, Biden and the Democrats are making it a priority to protect the most violent criminals who have literally abused children and rape women. How can they justify this?

One of the biggest theories going around Conservative circles was that there’s a secret cabal of sex trafficking and pedophiles within our government and among the elite. The mainstream media came hard after the Q movement for believing that this is true, calling them dangerous conspiracy theorists. However, looking at the evidence, Joe Biden’s decision to protect pedophiles does seem to validate this theory. Think about it… as soon as the “Sniffer in Chief” gets into office, he moves to keep violent criminals on our streets that are committing horrific crimes of rape and pedophilia… and we are supposed to believe that there’s not something sinister going on here?

At what point will the American people understand just how depraved the Democrat platform truly is? Think about it, the Left is actively destroying our lives, refusing to allow us to work, forcing us to wear face masks which are actually dangerous to our health and taking away our Constitutional Rights. At the same time, they working to give felons the right to vote, decriminalizing pedophilia in California and now protecting illegal alien sex offenders. There’s no excuse, this should not be tolerated at all.

So what are we, as Conservative Americans, going to about this? We cannot allow this to pass by and simply move onto the next story. We must hammer this horrific move by the Biden Administration every single day that we possibly can, finding every way that we can combat these horrific policies. Call on our states to ignore the Federal Government’s edicts that are endangering our lives. And then vote in pro-Constitution candidates that want to protect our lives and rights, not take them away.

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