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Al Mohler: You Missed a Spot

Southern Baptist Theological Seminary has been indoctrinating it’s students in the social justice driven ideology since at least 2014. Funding from the Kern Family Foundation helped establish the Commonweal Project with oversight from Kern and TGC partner Oikonomia Network on SBTS campus at the Carl F. H. Henry Institute for Evangelical Engagement.

(If you are new to this issue and do not grasp the seriousness of the Social Justice perversion in Evangelical circles consider this brief insight. Decades ago the “social gospel” was the very tool of progressives in mainline denominations which have brought many of those groups into error, loss of true Gospel/transformation focus and into steep decline as movements. People like Ronald Sider and Jim Wallis have presided over this rapid decline as public spokesmen and behind the scenes coordinators of its spread. Their compromise has allowed funding from liberal foundations (even George Soros and Bill Gates foundations) and faith based community development programs to invade and shape their vision of the churches role in society.The focus and the impacts are global.

Today, The Gospel Coalition leaders, like Tim Keller and Rick Warren, have brought this VERY same movement and its deadly compromises into mainstream conservative evangelicalism. They have done so under pretense of orthodox theology and have targeted and won most of our seminaries. Leaders like Albert Mohler, Danny Akin, Jason Allen, Adam Greenway and many more have embraced this ideology and the massive funding behind it onto the campuses they control.

The core of this ideology may sound wonder. At first glance, “Faith and Work” and “Theology of Faith and Economics” sound like goodly and viable focuses as Christians need to be taught to, first and foremost ”to work as unto the Lord and not unto men”. Ending global poverty might appear to be a nobel goal for an entire generation. But how those means are achieved: focusing on the “Common Good” – “Human Flourishing” and ”Thriving Cities” is nothing more than Global Goals 2030 already embraced in 2015 by the current Pope of Rome. Catholic Social Policy – historically shaped and influenced by Cultural Marxist is at the head of the origins of this very curriculum on our campuses and at heart of the it’s long term goals .

These globalist leaders are seeking to build “the Great Society” and see Faith and Work as a means to indoctrinate your children and grandchildren, even in the very heart of Christian education and in your own schools and institutions and churches. In the grand scheme of things, your faith and that of your children is being redefined and your institutions and churches are become recruiting stations and feeder programs for the grand deception.

The church cannot be salt and light when leavened with the false doctrine and the spirit of the age. The eternal Gospel and the ability to provide real hope and transformation is on the line as the deadly, proven failure of a weak and meaningless and unsustainable social gospel now threatens the last remaining Biblically faithful movements in the US.

This grim warning is not overstated and men like Al Mohler and Tim Keller are not only willing to make the compromises (take the funding) and indoctrinate your children and your next pastor and children’s pastor, they are also willing to try and shuffle the facts once exposed.

The Commonweal Project

Advancing a biblical theology of faith, work, and human flourishing.

From the previous link to the website you can see the primary change is that the logos for Kern Family Foundation and Oikonomia Network have been removed at the bottom of the page.

Previously the Kern and Oikonomia Network logos appeared at the bottom right on the SBTS website.

The only place on the website where the partnership is currently mention in the “about” section of the front page.

About Us

“The Commonweal Project is an initiative at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary to equip all Christians with a biblical theology of faith, work, and human flourishing. As a project of the Carl F. H. Henry Institute for Evangelical Engagement, The Commonweal Project is funded by the Kern Family Foundation as a member of the Oikonomia Network.”

The purpose of the program is the development of the Faith and Work programing which KFF has launched by 2013 on at least 13 conservative Campuses. It is the heart of the Social Justice indoctrination “for the Common Good” and “Human Flourishing “.

From the SBTS website... Simply more TGC rhetoric:


noun \ˈkä-mən-ˌwēl\

1. The common good

2. The public good or welfare

3. Archaic A commonwealth or republic.

4. The happiness, health, and safety of all of the people of a community or nation


Some National partners of the Faith and Works ideology include Yale Divinity School and the VA based – Institute for Faith,Work & Economics

Yale Divinity School

About Us

The mission of the Yale Center for Faith and Culture is to critically examine and promote practices of faith which advance authentic human flourishing and the global common good.

We advance this mission through each of our four core initiatives:

- God & Human Flourishing

- Theology of Joy

- Life Worth Living

- Adolescent Faith & Flourishing

A number of legacy projects established strong foundations and relationships for our current work and remain important components of our identity. These include:

- Common Word

- Ethics and Spirituality in the Workplace

- Faith & Globalization

- Reconciliation Project

- Sarah Smith Memorial Conference

In our work, our staff is led by YCFC founder and Director, Miroslav Volf, and advised by our board.

Center Media Inquiries: ryan.mcannally-linz@yale.edu

Institute for Faith,Work & Economics


Actually, the very same mantra and ideology that Volf is promoting at Yale divinity School is on Mohler’s SBTS campus.


It is significant to note in understanding what is meant by Common Good and Human Flourishing, and that Nate Collins, founder of the controversial Revoice LGBT “Flourishing” conference which emerged as Collins was still teaching New Testament at Mohler’s SBTS, sites Miroslav Volf as a major influence on his ideologies. The cross pollination and contamination is inevitable when Conservative Institutions yoke with such partners and ideologies. Pride and Funding are often at the core.

Another national partner :



Note at the Bottom of the SBTS current link page to the right on the current website only SBTS and its logo appear.


“A new academic initiative at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary to foster a theology of work and economics among students and faculty received a major grant from the Kern Family Foundation, seminary officials announced recently.

“We are very pleased to enter into this partnership with the Kern Family Foundation,” said R. Albert Mohler Jr., president of Southern Seminary. “This grant will make a real difference in the ministries of our students, who will gain invaluable knowledge and insight from the programs that this grant will make possible. We deeply appreciate this investment in our students and their future ministries.”

Randy Stinson, senior vice president for academic administration and provost, said, “In the next decade the topic of faith, work and economics will be more important than ever. With growing economic complexities it will be incumbent upon every pastor to be able to speak intelligently on this topic in order to teach his congregation how the gospel applies to this important intersection of life. The grant that we have received will go a long way in preparing the ministers of the gospel that we are training on this campus.”

Kenneth Magnuson, director of the initiative and professor of Christian ethics at Southern, expressed appreciation to the Kern Family Foundation for its “generous grant.”

“We are grateful for the Kern family’s commitment to equipping future pastors with an understanding of issues at the intersection of faith, work and economics,” Magnuson said.”



“This initiative hosted a series of free lunch lectures throughout the academic year. Highview Baptist Church Fegenbush hosted a Commonweal Seminar November 7 about defining and helping poverty. The Commonweal Project, funded by the Kern Family Foundation, is an academic initiative at the seminary to foster a theology of work and economics.”


AGAIN – Note Randy Stinson is now part of Mohler’s new team at SWBTS in Dallas where SBTS leadership filled the void created by the forced departure of Conservative Resurgence leader Paige Patterson. Stinson advocates The importance of the Commonweal Project, the Kern Funding and the future.

“Randy Stinson, senior vice president for academic administration and provost, said, “In the next decade the topic of faith, work and economics will be more important than ever. With growing economic complexities it will be incumbent upon every pastor to be able to speak intelligently on this topic in order to teach his congregation how the gospel applies to this important intersection of life. The grant that we have received will go a long way in preparing the ministers of the gospel that we are training on this campus.”

“Under three former SBTS leaders including Stinson- the funding and its goals are spreading quickly at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary as we speak.


SEBTS did a similar scrubbing of its website back in May 2019 removing any mention of or connection to Kern Family Foundation and Oikonomia Network . The scrubbing, which continues today, is also removing achieved curriculum and speaking sessions which have included promotion of such controversial topics as Black Liberation Theology on campus at TGC led/ Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary headed by TGC leader Danny Akin.



Whether by mistake or by design or by simple haste to remove the logos and mentions of the Kern Funding and Oikonomia oversite – two things remain on the SBTS campus – the funding and the the Social Justice Curriculum these three partners have in “common”.

The curriculum is provided by Catholic Libertarian think tank Acton Institute which continues to strengthen the partnerships and it’s influence on conservative evangelical seminaries. These partnerships and the reality of this growing focus on our campuses should provide a huge red flag. The fact they are going stealth on the Seminary websites after some have begun question them, should be a five alarm fire!


How can any Christian/Biblical conservative institution partner with ideologies driven by libertarian Catholic social policy and Yale Divinity School?


New ON Partnership at Acton University



David Kotter, PhD

Director of Research for The Commonweal Project

NOTE – “He (Kotter) also writes as a senior research fellow for the Institute for Faith, Work and Economics.”


Faculty Spotlight

Degrees and Experience

- Ph.D. New Testament (The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary)

- M.Div. & M.A. New Testament (Trinity Evangelical Divinity School)

- MBA & B.S. Engineering (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)

Biography and Professional Achievements

David Kotter serves as the dean of the School of Theology, but began his career at Ford Motor Company as a financial analyst at its world headquarters and eventually as a plant controller at a manufacturing plant in Spain. After graduating summa cum laude from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, he was invited to join a church-planting team for CrossWay Community Church and served as the pastor of discipleship for seven years.

Dr. Kotter’s primary research is focused on the areas of intersection between theology and economics. He has been invited to lecture on related topics around the United States as well as Asia and Europe. Dr. Kotter has contributed to three books along with numerous journal articles and book reviews. He is also active in biblical archaeology and has organized three summer expeditions for CCU students to dig at Tel es-Safi (Gath) in southwestern Israel.

Dr. Kotter co-founded and serves as the research director for the Commonweal Project on Faith, Work and Human Flourishing to train future pastors in the principles of economics and finance. He also writes as a senior research fellow for the Institute for Faith, Work and Economics.

Professional Societies and Honors

- Evangelical Theological Society

- Association of Private Enterprise Education

- Kern Fellow at the Acton University

- Kemper Fellowship for Management Studies

- Edmund James Scholar in Engineering

New OIKONOMIA NETWORK Partnership at Acton University


The Oikonomia Network and the Acton Institute are proud to announce a new level of partnership through the Oikonomia Fellows Program. Since 2009, this program has provided full support for a limited number of evangelical theological educators to attend the annual Acton University conference. Starting with next year’s conference, the Oikonomia Network will take primary responsibility for recruiting and designating the Oikonomia Fellows.

Registration for the next Acton University, June 14-17 in Grand Rapids, is now open; when registering for the conference, you will be offered an opportunity to indicate that you are interested in the Oikonomia Fellowship. The fellowship pays for travel, hotel, meals, conference registration, and other benefits; newcomers to the conference also receive a stipend. The ON will once again host our annual workshop during the conference, featuring TED style talks on theology and economics from leading figures, and meaty discussions of curricular integration with colleagues in your specific theological discipline. Plus there will be all the learning and networking opportunities we’ve come to expect from AU, so don’t wait to register!

Right from our beginning, Acton University has been critically important to the Oikonomia Network. The very genesis of our network was when Acton brought the first class of fellows in this program to AU in 2009. The enthusiasm of many of the participants for connecting theological education to work and economics led directly to the creation of the Kern Family Foundation’s first grant program supporting such initiatives in January 2010. As the Oikonomia Network grew from that small seed (ten grants of $5,000 each) into the much larger work it is today, annual convening at AU for learning and networking has always been one of our most important areas of community-building.

Those who have attended AU in the past through this fellowship program, and those who are active in any Oikonomia Network programming on any of our partner campuses, should not hesitate to apply for the fellowship – and tell your peers about it! Others who are interested in this fellowship, or anyone with questions, can contact the national office of the Oikonomia Network at info@oikonomianetwork.org.

How did these Evangelical seminaries lose sight of their mission and calling? Do we doubt the growing amounts and availability of the grants mentioned above play a huge role in the forgetfulness?

2 Corinthians 6:11-18:

Be Holy

O Corinthians! We have spoken openly to you, our heart is wide open. You are not restricted by us, but you are restricted by your own affections. Now in return for the same (I speak as to children), you also be open. Do not be unequally yoked together with unbelievers. For what fellowship has righteousness with lawlessness? And what communion has light with darkness? And what accord has Christ with Belial? Or what part has a believer with an unbeliever? And what agreement has the temple of God with idols? For you are the temple of the living God. As God has said:

“I will dwell in them

And walk among them.

I will be their God,

And they shall be My people.”


“Come out from among them

And be separate, says the Lord.

Do not touch what is unclean,

And I will receive you.”

“I will be a Father to you,

And you shall be My sons and daughters,

Says the Lord Almighty.”

This article is reposted from Tom's website thirtypiecesofsilver.org.

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