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Al Mohler's Leftism is Showing

There’s a serious problem within the Southern Baptist Convention. That problem is that the leadership are going more and more progressive, only giving lip service to conservative Christian values. One example of this is Albert Mohler.

During the 2016 election, Dr Mohler vehemently opposed Donald Trump candidacy for president. Over the last several years, he’s gone more and more progressive, cleaning house and getting rid of conservative voices within his seminary. Just recently, however, he’s changed his tune and endorsed President Trump’s re-election bid. That was a welcome sign that maybe, just maybe, he’s understanding the errors of his ways. Unfortunately, that was short-lived.

The team over at Enemies Within The Church just broke the story that Dr Mohler’s Southern Baptist seminary fired four more conservative professors, showing that they are continuing to clean house of those opposing his leftism.

Yesterday, in an unprecedented move, Albert Mohler, the president of the Southern Baptist’s flagship seminary in Louisville, KY, fired four of the remaining conservative professors at the institution. Russell Fuller, Theodore Cabal, Ken Magnuson, and Jim Orrick (who taught at Boice College) were all terminated by provost Matthew Hall. The seminary offered salary and benefits through July on the condition that non-disclosure agreements, requiring the withholding of potentially damaging information concerning the seminary and firing process, would be signed within forty-five days.

We saw something similar happen to other professors within the Southern Baptist seminaries, including Dr Bobby Lopez, where they tried to use intimidation and firings in order to silence opposition to their progressive political and theological positions.

Despite Al Mohler’s changed position on Donald Trump, he has also purposefully ignored or supported liberals in his own convention and seminary while opposing or firing conservatives. Regardless of these confusing actions on Mohler’s part, one thing is clear: The road ascending to the presidency of the denomination has been anything but a smooth ride for Mohler, and one wonders if he ever reaches the end of it, what kind of a convention will be left for him to lead?

That’s the perfect question… if this is the direction that the Southern Baptist Convention is going, might it be time to cut them loose and leave them to their own devices? Now is the time to decide what kind of church we want to be. If we are going to continue to be subject to these leftist leaders, the church will continue to fail. It’s time for another Reformation… completely severing all ties with these progressive Evangelical Elite that are leading the church into a false version of Christianity.

To read the breaking story from Enemies Within The Church, click here.



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