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ADL to Honor Hamdi Ulukaya at 2019 Never is Now Summit


The Anti-Defamation League (ADL) is holding its 2019 Never is Now Summit on November 21, 2019 at the Jacob K. Javits Center in New York, NY. The annual summit is hailed as the ADL's one day signature event focused on "understanding contemporary drivers and dynamics of anti-Semitism." It also follows right along with the Islamophobia rhetoric, teaming with people and organizations to destroy the US from within and marginalize Christians, Conservatives and Capitalists. Since 2016 the organization openly has condemned Trump and joined in defending Muslims from being properly vetted in the US.

At this summit ADL will be presenting its 2nd annual Courage Against Hate Award to Chobani founder and CEO Hamdi Ulukaya, following the inaugural recipient last year, Apple CEO Tom Cook. ADL is a whole story in and of itself but the glaring issue stands right before us in Hamdi Ulukaya with a platform in an organization whose main declared existence is to fight against anti-Semitism in the US and in the whole world - including online.

What does a group who stands for this care to join forces with a Kurdish first generation American billionaire? The answer lies in the work in which he has been heavily involved - Globalism and Civilization Jihad.

As has been examined on the podcast Battlefront: Southgate in its ongoing Immigration Warfare series we have come to understand the purpose of flooding refugees into a nation and resettling them. We have learned that Marxists, Socialists, Globalists, Islamists and various other groups who oppose the United States seek to change it from within by allowing people to enter legally and illegally in order to become the majority in community populations. This in turn makes it possible to change the voting structure and the political landscape.

Some might remember Chobani was struggling several years ago and received a bail-out loan for $750 million from TPG. Shortly before negotiations for TPG to buy stakes in the company Ulukaya announced he would be giving out up to 10% shares combined of the company to employees. He used the rhetoric and inflammatory agenda of the left regarding companies who have a large gap between employees and executives to garner support from the community for his company.

Chobani has largely benefited from government subsidies and contracts such as the huge income it secured from the federal school system from the USDA's billions of dollar school lunch programs. Hamdi at the time, along with Schumer and Gillibrand, enlisted a lobbying firm, worked with the National Yogurt Association and spent $700,000 on lobbying efforts in order to secure the right to be the distributor in this welfare state system.

Chobani opened "the world's largest" plant in Twin Falls, Idaho in December 2012. Twin Falls and its state spent over 54 million in federal and state grants to allow this to happen. The original promises which were used to justify the spending did not occur. Before this Idaho had already been experiencing large refugee resettlement for over three decades. After opening this plant Ulukaya boasted about his company being 30% refugees.

Hamdi has been a huge proponent of receiving refugees and resettling them into the communities around his plant. He has ties to the Clinton Global Initiative where even Bill Clinton has openly bragged about him on a panel.

To put this in an understanding light we must understand that Hamdi Ulukaya has largely benefited from resettling and hiring legal and illegal immigrants. The dairy industry in the U.S. derives most of its labor from this. Hamdi's factories have benefited from this globalist resettlement. It's no wonder that he would create his new organization which serves to convince corporations to hire and help resettle these refugees.

Hamdi pleads for the private sector to join the movement in using their monies to take them in and fund the inner change of the country. Yet, as we have outlined here Chobani is far from a private organization. It is a Communitarian funded public-private partnership. Organizations such as these should not even exist because they would otherwise fail to begin or even grow without tax-payer funds.

What does this all mean? ADL and Hamdi Ulukaya are part of the efforts to import immigrants to fundamentally change the country from within. That means they promote one another and give awards which adds to their credibility among uninformed supporters and Marxist donors. Be prepared to witness more of this to accelerate in the next year into 2020 - especially if President Trump wins a second term.

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