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A programmer's assessment of the election | Jeff Younger

During this episode of The Big Brown Gadfly, Bobby Lopez interviews his friend Jeff Younger, founder of the SaveJames movement, on the claims made in a forensics report regarding Antrim County, Michigan. Jeff points out that from a cybersecurity perspective the Ramsland report is reliable.

Despite the fact that Joe Biden is now in office, we as Conservatives cannot letup the investigation into the Election Fraud that occurred during the 2020 Election. There's plenty of evidence that supports the theory that the Presidential election was stolen from Donald Trump in favor of Joe Biden. Just because Biden is now in the White House does not change that fact.

Christians should also care about the legitimacy of this election and all future ones, as well. The Bible talks about unequal weights and measures, so this is actually a justice issue that should be cared about. Christians are also called to be light shining into darkness, and this is one area that is extremely dark and needs the light of truth shined onto it.


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