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A Call to Expose John MacArthur's Corruption, Hypocrisy & Abusive Leadership

I sent out the articles below regarding John MacArthur and Phil Johnson to over 1,000 leaders, pastors, faculty members, and journalists (e.g., WORLD, CT, the Christian Post) across America. To my knowledge, no one wrote or spoke out about the extremely serious issues I covered in the articles. It appears no one was willing to take on MacArthur and Johnson or support “no name” victims like Paige Rogers and “Jane.”

My Most Important Article Ever! John MacArthur’s Renowned Story He Stood on the Blood of Martin Luther King Jr. with Iconic Civil Rights Leaders Within Hours of Assassination in 1968 a Complete Hoax! Phil Johnson, MacArthur’s Executive Director, Verbally Assails Reporter Who Broke Story in Attempted Cover-Up! And Much More!

The Account of John MacArthur & Rick Holland’s Horrific Handling of “Jane’s” Rape in Conjunction with Officials from The Master’s University

However, when Beth Moore is told to “Go home” by MacArthur and called a “narcissist” by Johnson at the Truth Matters conference last week, leaders speak out in her defense. That is fine, but I also find it insipid and opportunistic. Why? Because I have yet to see any of these leaders take on the much more serious issues of sin with MacArthur, Johnson and the entire ministry, or publicly defend victims with no celebrity who have been profoundly harmed by their abusive leadership or call for MacArthur’s and Johnson’s removal from ministry for extraordinary deceit and arrogance.

It is a double standard. One for Beth, another for Paige and “Jane.” Beth is on the receiving end of minor insults. These other women (and men) are on the receiving end of major abuse. Justice, charity and impartiality demand we speak up for those without a voice or connections to the powerful. A story about Beth will sell or light up a blog. An article exposing the underbelly of MacArthur’s operation could bring a lawsuit and an onslaught of unrelenting slander from his henchman. We must speak for those who have no voice. For those who do not benefit us.

Of course, it is not Beth’s fault that evangelical leaders are defending her against insults. But Beth is at fault if she doesn’t use her “bully pulpit” to expose MacArthur and Johnson for their lying, deceit, arrogance, hypocrisy, corruption and abusive leadership at The Masters University & Seminary, Grace to You, and Grace Community Church. These are not empty charges. They are proven in the articles above. She and everyone else must speak out!

Therefore, I was not encouraged by this tweet today if she is suggesting we must move on from the substantive issues. No, we must confront evil and that is not too strong a word to use in this context.

Beth Moore@BethMooreLPM

Hey, y’all. Let’s cool it on the slander toward JMac et al. Doesn’t honor God. Let’s move on.

8:37 AM · Oct 23, 2019

Brent Detwiler@BrentDetwiler

Replying to @BethMooreLPM

There is no need for slander (untruths told with evil intent) but there is a great need to expose the abuse, deceit & corruption that is so great with John MacArthur, Phil Johnson, et al. Honestly they do not qualify for ministry according to the standards of Scripture.

2:09 PM · Oct 23, 2019

The articles above document the wide array of issues. You can also watch or listen to this podcast.

My Live Podcast with Jeff Dornick Covers a Wide Array of Topics Including My History with C.J. Mahaney & “Is John MacArthur Qualified for Ministry?”

It is the height of hypocrisy for MacArthur and Johnson to do a conference on “Truth Matters” when they have flagrantly disregarded the truth they have taught. And it is uproarious for Johnson to called Beth a narcissist when he is the consummate definition of the word. These men have lost a grip on reality because of their pride. It has deceived them.

I genuinely pray leaders across America will finally began to address John MacArthur and Phil Johnson as Scripture commands. For example, will Ligonier Ministries uphold the holiness of God and disinvite MacArthur from preaching at their national conference? Or will they enable him by allowing it to stand? This habit of covering up for one another that was so apparent with C.J. Mahaney and Sovereign Graces Church, Inc. must be broken. After the preaching of the gospel, there is no higher priority than seeing integrity restored to the ministry. I hope Beth Moore and countless others hold MacArthur and Johnson accountable to Scripture for the glory of God and the good of his people.

This article was originally posted on Brent Detwiler's website and is reposted with permission from the author. His efforts are designed to help Christians judge righteously, think biblically, and live courageously.  Your financial support makes that possible.  Please consider a gift today at BrentDetwiler.com.  Thank you! 



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