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Compromising On Abortion Won't Unify The Church

NOTE FROM THE GK: This article was originally posted on a different website. However, that website took down the article. I asked the Content Director of the other website which originally carried this article, and the reason for taking down the article was because Leeman claims to not even know what Fabian Socialism is. The problem is, if you take the time to read this article, it doesn't matter whether he knows what a FS is. In this article, Paige Rogers clearly makes the case that what he is espousing lines up with the ideals of Fabian Socialism, which is interwoven into the London School of Economics & Political Science where Leeman attended. So, when I saw that the article was taken down, I reached out to Paige to offer The GateKeepers platform to post her article. This is an important article, which is showing how this error is infiltrating the church. It is important to understand the influences of our leaders which have influence over pastors all over this country. If you have questions at all about any of these quotes cited in this article, I encourage you to click on the links and watch the videos fully within context to do your own research to verify the claims being made.

I pray that you find this article informative and educational, and I hope that this will help you in being able to discern the difference between truth and error... or, in many cases, the difference between truth and almost truth.

The Pro-life Cause has long had valued allies in American Evangelicalism. However, the political philosophy and related workings of some within the Southern Baptist denomination may subsequently alter the long-existing alliance between the pro-life movement and Southern Baptist voters.

Thomas Littleton, a pastor and investigative reporter, recently shed light on a little-noticed event at the Southern Baptist Convention, in June of 2018, noting the event’s importance regarding the protection of the unborn.

Sharing the stage were Mark Dever and Jonathan Leeman.

Dever is the founder of 9MARKS and the pastor of Capitol Hill Baptist Church in Washington, D.C. According to its website:

“9Marks exists to equip church leaders with a biblical vision and practical resources for displaying God’s glory to the nations through healthy churches.”

Jonathan Leeman is the editorial director for 9MARKS and an elder at Cheverly Baptist Church, located in suburban Washington, D.C.

He is also the author of a new book, How the Nations Rage: Rethinking Faith and Politics in a Divided Age. This book was the subject of the 9MARKS event. The comments and views communicated during this event are the subject of this article and will be expounded upon below.

Before proceeding, however, it is of importance to note that Jonathan Leeman earned a master’s degree in Political Philosophy from the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE), a “democratic socialist” institution founded in 1895 by Fabian Socialists to advance the societal goals of The Fabian Society.

[As Leeman’s degree is relevant to the political topic of the 9MARKS event, Mark Dever introduced Jonathan Leeman’s credentials into the discussion (roughly 11 minutes into the 9MARKS video), stating, “Jonathan has a Master's in Political Philosophy from the London School of Economics. It’s very dangerous for him to answer a question like that. You’re going to get bored really fast…”]

[What was important enough to be noted by Pastor Mark Dever is also important enough to be examined; the institution played a role, however large or small, in shaping Mr. Leeman’s philosophy and worldview.]

What is The Fabian Society?

Founded in England in 1884, “the Fabian Society was named after the Roman general Quintus Fabius Maximus who used tactics of attrition and delay (what we might now call guerrilla tactics) rather than direct military confrontation to defeat the enemy. Thus one might describe the tactics of the Fabian Society as one of 'intellectual guerrilla warfare' against free market societies” [1].

[In 2014, the Library at the London Schools of Economics and Political Science launched a Fabian Society Archive. See also the Fabian Student Union for the London School of Economics and Political Science.]

In 1910, the Irish playwright and political activist, George Bernard Shaw, designed what is known as the Fabian Window, which depicts the founding members of The Fabian Society, along with several other prominent Fabians, molding a “new world.”

One feature of the Fabian Window illustrates the nature The Fabians:

“The window explicitly reflects the goal of the Fabian Society to portray an outward role contrary to its real character, i.e. to use deception in pursuing its ultimate aim. Specifically, a Wolf in Sheep's Clothing is the image which appears in the shield above the world being wrought in the Fabian mold. This biblical reference comes from the New Testament and a sermon by Jesus warning that false prophets come in sheep's clothing, but are actually ravening wolves. Authors such as G. Edward Griffin, in his book The Creature from Jekyll Island, have given voice to the reality that this shield image highlights the distinguishing feature of the Fabians as compared to the communists, in that the Fabians desire to create a socialist state using subversive tactics, as opposed to the communist method of revolution and violence,” (emphasis mine) [2].

[The Fabian Window is housed at the London School of Economics, as shown by the above images which are found on the website of the London School of Economics and Political Science.]

“The completed window is in the style of a Tudor family memorial. At the top Sidney Webb and Shaw himself are shown hammering out a new world on an anvil beneath an emblem of a wolf in sheep’s clothing reflecting the Society’s gradualist approach.”

LSE Archivist Sue Donnelly [3]

The “Third Way”

To bring about “the new world,” Fabians have often advocated for the introduction of “economic planning, public ownership, and economic equality of socialism” into public policy, marketing such efforts as a pursuit of a new, “liberal democracy reconstructed into a benign and democratic socialism, a "third way" between communism and capitalism,” (emphasis mine) [4]. Some call it “Market Socialism” [5].

According to the Fabian Society (1998):

“The Third Way is the route to renewal and success for modern social democracy,” [6].

Because developed nations now spend a significant amount of annual Gross Domestic Product (GDP) on entitlements, far more than previous generations, “it is now far more difficult politically for governments to increase (especially direct) taxes to finance additional expenditures on social programs. This reality has led to the explicit pursuit of the middle-class voter by centre-left politicians and parties,” [7].

Thus, “the strategy underlying the Third Way movement may be viewed as an astute political marketing response to a decline in traditional class loyalties and, consequently, traditional partisan loyalties” [8].

The Fabian Society, Eugenics and Abortion

Additionally, the Fabian Society has a history of supporting eugenics:

“The Fabian Society, founded in 1884 to advance the cause of democratic socialism in England, saw scientifically driven reproduction and socialism as complementary doctrines. Under the current capitalist system, they reasoned, humans were divided up into segregated classes with little to no reproductive interaction. Such a social arrangement was an obstacle to human evolutionary progress, as it prevented the genetic front-runners in each class from combining forces. Socialism, by eliminating material inequality and class prejudice, was the royal road to a utopian, genetically enhanced future for all. English biologist Julian Huxley championed selective breeding as a way to prepare humanity for the advent of a pacifist-socialist world state in which the capitalist vices of selfishness and greed would be bred out of human DNA,” [9].

In fact, “[a] co-founder of the Fabian Society, Havelock Ellis, was also president of the Eugenics Education Society and the mentor of Margaret Sanger, the founder of Planned Parenthood Federation of America,” (emphasis mine) [10].

2018 Southern Baptist Conference

Springboarding off of the title of Jonathan Leeman’s new book (How the Nations Rage: Rethinking Faith and Politics in a Divided Age), the politics-centered 9MARKS event at the 2018 Southern Baptist Conference was entitled, “Nations Raging, Church Unchanging.”

The event was structured as a Q&A discussion.

As reported by Tom Littleton, throughout this interactive discussion, Jonathan Leeman appeared to “blend the Third Way Rhetoric of his Fabian Socialist education into this SBC discussion of politics without anyone noticing,” [11].

Littleton elaborated:

“Dever and Leeman took questions from the audience of Pastors and ping ponged the discussion between themselves, covering topics like ‘how to pray for the government,’ ‘voter guides,’ ‘community service,’ ‘racism,’ — all pointing the pastors to a Social Justice position as a sort of Third Way middle ground that is ‘biblical,’” (emphasis mine).

You may watch the full video of the event by clicking HERE.

Race, Abortion, and Single-Issue Voters

Forty-eight minutes into the discussion, Dever posed the following scenario-based question to Leeman:

“What about one--issue voting? I think that one of the things that most separates white and black Christians in America is one-issue voting. I think white Christians think this is the only moral way to approach voting. I think they’ve never thought of any other thing, generally.

I think a lot of our African American brothers and sisters realized, like a long time ago, that, ‘Well, there are going to be a bunch of different issues that are going to affecting us and I can vote for a candidate who I disagree with about some very important issues that I don’t believe they’re going to get anything done on, but that I agree with them on these other issues that I think are going to help a lot of people.’

Can, even if you don’t adopt that thought yourself, can you allow space for that in your church as a morally legitimate argument and option?

…But I think a lot of white Evangelicals think that [one-issue voting] is the only morally legitimate position, or the only position to be argued to have moral legitimacy and… I would certainly like to question that.”

For many devout Christians (across the spectrum of skin pigmentation) the murder of babies in their mothers’ wombs is the single greatest factor in determining which candidates for whom to vote.

“Among evangelicals, Pro-Life Voters are their single biggest obstacle to social change in the Church,” [12].

By framing the above scenario-based question as a matter of race, Dever reportedly “asserted that one-issue voting is the root of the racial divide he purports to exist among white and black Christians,” [13].

Leeman’s response was telling. Right away, Leeman asserted:

“Yeah, I think that one of Satan’s greatest successes is dividing majority and minority Christians politically in part through that particular issue [abortion]…

Uh, because you have a party on the Right who’s Pro-Life, a party on the Left who demonstrates at least more overt concerns for issues concerning minorities, and so… majority culture Christians gravitate this way, minority culture Christians gravitate that way.

Satan is psyched over the issue [abortion]… especially because he sees division in the church, and we don’t trust each other.

‘You’re voting for them [a pro-life candidate on the Right]? Well, you must not care about justice. I don’t even know if you love Jesus.’ Right? I question your Christianity…”

“Differently-Calibrated Consciences”

Leeman’s solution to the problem of a Christians being divided by their stance on abortion is for the church to legitimize what he calls [in Orwellian-like “New Speak”] differently-calibrated consciences.

To illustrate his point, Leeman provided the following scenario of what a Pro-Choice voter may reason, regarding the abortion debate (emphasis mine):

“So… ‘[T]here have been Republican pro-life quote/unquote candidates in the White House for the last number of decades and the laws haven’t been overturned and, meanwhile… let’s just say, hypothetically, that the welfare policies of these [Democrat] candidates actually decreased the number of abortions in such-and-such a state and actually brought the number of abortions down, and so, although they are pro-choice, I think they have actually helped the abortion issues as opposed to your Republican candidates.’

Therefore, I am going to leave space for that particular [Pro-Choice voting] option for Christians… [Unless the Pro-Choice candidate is] a pro -Nazi or a pro Klu Klux Klan candidate, [or] a Communist Party candidate in China.”

There are a couple of serious flaws with the scenario that Jonathan Leeman uses, reportedly as a way of inducing a “Third Way” synthesis in the minds of the pastors in the audience.

First, the human subject of his hypothetical scenario is that of a Pro-Choice voter. Yet, the conscience reasoning of the voter, illustrated in Leeman’s example, is truer in form to that of a Pro-Life voter who is reaching a point of a pro-life values-driven compromise. This is confusing.

Second, the welfare policy achievement – reducing the number of abortions - of Leeman’s hypothetical Democrat candidates is not supported by evidence. This can mislead.

Does welfare decrease the number of abortions?

Dr. Michael J. New, “an Assistant Professor at the University of Alabama who received his Ph.D. in political science from Stanford and did post-doctoral research at the Harvard-MIT data center, performed three different regression analyses (standard statistical techniques designed to find correlations between different sets of numbers) on the data examining the impact of welfare spending and state anti-abortion laws on the abortion rates of states,” [14].

New also determined that “lowered state spending on welfare correlated with lower abortion rates, even after considering other factors,” [15].

While, in his hypothetical scenario, Jonathan Leeman used the fact the Roe v. Wade has not been overturned, thus abortion remains legal, as an example of the failure of Pro-Life politicians, Leeman failed to consider the incremental progress at the national and state level.

A report by The Charlotte Lozier Institute, summarizing “the academic research that analyzes how the legal status of abortion impacts the incidence of abortion”, notes [16]:

“[A]n extremely broad body of economic and public health research clearly indicates that various legal protections of unborn children reduce the incidence of abortion. Furthermore, there is also a significant body of academic research which shows that even incremental pro-life laws prevent some abortions from taking place.”

Final Thoughts

I reached out to Tom Littleton, who first reported on the event at the Southern Baptist Convention with Dever and Leeman, and I asked his thoughts on the importance of Christian believers to value human life.

His thoughts are poignant. Thus, I leave you with his words:

“Paige, Hello.

The importance of being pro-life for Believers is a matter of the deepest Biblical conviction on the value of life and that only God has the power to give and take it.

The church cannot care for the helpless if we ignore the most vulnerable . We can not truly value life if we are willing to employ nuance and dishonest talking points about when it begins.

There is not shorter route to Divine judgement than to fill a nation’s land with the blood of innocents, and the church that does not cry against the sacrifice of its young on pagan alters is no prophetic voice - whatsoever.

The person who will stand in the pulpit (or place of influence) and attempt to weaken, dilute, or pervert the conviction of the Believers on this issue are criminal or insane, or both.

No amount of political engagement, cultural relevance, or pragmatism can excuse the guilt of these false prophets equating “pro-life” as a merely Republican, political, or secondary issue.

It is a conviction that Life - all Life - is God's most precious temporal gift; eternal Life being His most grand promise.”


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