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The March to End a Massacre

We have an epidemic in this country, as I’m sure you all may know. This epidemic is known as abortion, the slaughtering of hundreds of thousands of children each year. In fact, according to the CDC, that number is above 600,000 per year and that’s only the abortions that were reported to the CDC. Some states do not feel it necessary to report the numbers of abortions to the CDC, so I’m sure the actual number is much higher, but let’s just use this for arguments sake. This means that for every 1,000 children born, 200 of them, on average, are aborted. That is 20% of our world's offspring that are ripped apart and killed. THIS IS WHY THEY MARCH.

We are told to be worrying about climate change and how it has the potential to kill thousands, when those same people are the ones tearing infants apart with forceps. Don’t you signal to me the importance of life when you have Planned Parenthood centers negotiating prices of the unborn body parts on the market. When it comes down to it, the left have no regard for human life and will use any excuse to control the everyday citizen's life. They uphold the morality of life when it means they can promulgate more restrictions on us with the EPA by claiming we have an epidemic regarding climate change. When it comes down to sleeping around and actual responsibilities, they are willing to end a life at the drop of a hat. That’s what it is, isn’t it? That’s the issue, they don’t want responsibility, and this topic of abortion really is the crown jewel on the left. Without it, the left sacrifice their choice, they end up having to claim responsibility and, with that, the rest of their talking points begin to crumble. THIS IS WHY THEY MARCH.

That’s why they march, that’s why on January 19th over 100,000 marched down the cold streets of Washington D.C. They marched for life, for love and for something other than themselves. Matt Walsh brought up a fantastic point in that this is one of the very few protests in which everyone who is marching on those streets is marching for someone somewhere that they don’t even know. It is a selfless act of love to march for something that, in all reality, restricts your rights and your choices. By standing up for life you are saying, “You know what? I don’t need this right or this choice. In fact, I am willing to place restrictions upon myself so that someone else may live.” That, my friends, is a beautiful thing, much better than “my body my choice!” You know what? You had that choice! You’re the one who messed it up and happened to get knocked up. Why in the world would I let you have the choice of killing an innocent life when you can’t even make the choice to keep it in your pants? You lack the courage to take responsibility for your actions, but now you want the responsibility of taking a life? Get lost. THIS IS WHY THEY MARCH.

The reason the media can’t give this march the coverage it deserves is because it would show the United States that there is a serious movement within this country that's willing to challenge their ideology and that holds value to life. They are afraid of the backlash these Parenthood foundations would receive if the country saw the support behind it. The media can’t afford to show coverage of this march, because that means that we as pro-life advocates would have to be taken seriously, and when that happens we all know that we hold the moral high ground. Now that science is improving so that we can see even more within the womb furthers our case for a fetus being a living human being, they would have to accept science and put away with fairy tales. The biggest problem I see them having with all of this is admitting they were wrong, that they are indeed taking the life of an innocent human being. When they come to that reality and to that infallible truth, then they will have to accept the guilt that comes along with it, and they are far too weak and cowardly to face that undeniable fact. But again, THIS IS WHY THEY MARCH.

So next year when you see these men and women of different ethnic backgrounds and social statuses marching through the frigid streets of Washington DC, remember why it is they are doing this. Remember the lives lost through the careless acts of ignorance and fantasy. Remember that this is a march that includes everyone, it’s not just focused on women. or the LGBT. Not whites, not Black Lives Matter. Or even for rights to further themselves. It is none of these things. This is a march for life itself, for everyone in this great country past, present and the future. THIS IS WHY THEY MARCH.

Like it or Hate it, this is my exodus.

-The Shoe

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