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Parallels: Politics and Christianity

I thought that since Election Day is coming up, I would incorporate politics into my blog today. However, I’m not going to tell you how to vote, who to support, or even the Christian’s responsibility towards government (although I was considering it). I decided to take a look at the parallels between today’s political culture and today’s Christian culture. You see, the very same problem that is happening in America’s government is what is happening in the American Church. I’ve been considering writing a book about this topic… we’ll see.

The negative trends in politics that we see are a falling away from the Constitution, compromising morals, political correctness, dependency on big government, lack of responsibility, and compromise. Those same things are happening right now in the church: a falling away from God’s Word, becoming more like the world, afraid to offend anyone with the truth, “what-can-I-get-out-of-it” syndrome, lack of accountability, and compromising the gospel and biblical theology. Why is this happening? It’s because of answer #1… falling away from our source of truth. When it comes to American politics, everything that I listed falls under the fact that government does not stick to the Constitution. The same goes for the church; pastors and Christians do not stick to God’s Word.

We see the destruction that our country is in right now because of the negative trends going on, and we don’t want the church to end up in the same boat. The problem is, we are practically there. Just like in politics where we have leaders that are leading us down the wrong path (i.e. President Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, etc.), pastors like Rob Bell, Ed Young, Joel Osteen, Rick Warren, and T.D. Jakes are leading their congregations and followers down the wrong path. They place conversation over conviction, creativity over substance, material wealth over spiritual wealth, and big churches over winning the lost.

You may be asking yourselves, what can we do to fix this? Stick to God’s Truth!!! It’s that simple. Learn God’s Word, inside and out. Go to a Bible-teaching church where the focus is on glorifying God. Don’t be ok with false teaching… either confront it or get away from it. Share your faith with your friends and family.

If you have any ideas that can further the cause of Christ through Biblical Christianity, let me know! Forget bringing America back to God (which is debatable whether it was ever “of God”), and let’s bring Christianity back to God! It’s only when we get to that point that we (Christianity as a whole) will be effective for the cause of Christ.

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