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I Hurd Hall attack White & Brown

Tim Hurd, also known as the Bible Thumping Wingnut, sent me a message on Twitter sharing his latest podcast, which was entitled The GateKeepers of False Teachers. Now, Tim and I aren’t necessarily on speaking terms. He’s close friends with JD Hall, who is the guy who went full-on attack mode against me in defense of his buddy Phil Johnson. In this rant, JD referred to me as the Lance Bass of discernment. I’m not sure if he’s referring to our similar hair, or calling me gay, as Lance Bass is the gay singer from the boy band N’Sync.

So, anyways, Tim started attacking me out of the blue, calling me a troll, all for no reason. I had attempted to resolve this both in private and in public because, in the grand scheme of things, he and I agree on more than we disagree.

So, when he sent me the link to his podcast that had the name of my website in the title, I thought that one of two things were happening. It was either 1) He was trolling me again, or 2) he knew that I agree with him on these issues and figured that I would jump on the bandwagon supporting his cause. It could’ve been one or both. To date, I’m still not sure which.

So, now, a new controversy has arisen that finds James White at the center of it, yet again. Now, as many of you know, JD Hall has been extremely critical of James White, as of late. It seems as if James White had scheduled having Dr Michael Brown on his podcast The Dividing Line, and all hell broke loose. All of a sudden, this was the straw that broke the camel’s back for all the discernment guys who had attacked Brannon and myself for confronting James White. All of a sudden, they were piling on even more than Brannon or I ever did.

Apparently, JD, Tim Hurd and a bunch of their buddies are upset that James White would partner with someone with a charismatic background in any way. However, I didn’t know about this ahead of time because I was blocked by Dr White. So when I listened to Tim Hurd’s review of the interview on The Bible Thumping Wingnut Podcast, I hadn’t yet heard the Dividing Line episode. Yet, I went ahead and listened to the entire episode, listening to Tim’s take on the interview.

As I listened to the podcast, everything that Tim was saying I found myself agreeing with. I mean, Michael Brown had gone on Benny Hinn’s show soo

n after the Strange Fire Conference. He’s spoken at conferences with the likes of Heidi Baker. He’s interviewed Bill Johnson of Bethel Church on his show. These are all false teachers of the Charismatic Movement. So, as Tim was talking, I found myself nodding in agreement. I mean, seriously, how in the world can James White support someone who is in cahoots with the likes of these guys. Tim shared that James White had allowed Michael Brown to endorse Heidi Baker, Bill Johnson, Mike Bickle and the likes on The Dividing Line without even any pushback.

As I was listening to Tim’s version of what happened, it all made perfect sense to me and fit in with the lens that I see James White through. I mean, he had already had such a lack of discernment in partnering with Yasir Qadhi, so why wouldn’t he partner with a Charismatic apologist and defender?

So, a couple days later, after having Tim Hurd establish what I was going to hear James White do during the Dividing Line, I was prepared to listen to the show, take notes, and confront James White for his continued partnering with false teachers. Again, I want to reiterate this yet again, this is how Tim’s retelling of this interview pushed his listeners to respond in kind.

However, as I sat down and listened to the podcast, I was waiting for the heresy to be promoted by Dr. Brown. I was waiting for the blatant falsehoods shared by a NAR Apostle that Dr White was going to endorse. I was waiting for the hammer to fall, as the famous Queen song puts it. It was kind of like when you listen to a bad standup comedian where the setup for the joke is going on and on and on, and the punchline never comes. After listening to the entire hour + interview, I felt so let down. I was expecting this massive heretical partnering with James White and a false teacher, but nothing happened, at the very least on the scale that was being claimed by the likes of Tim Hurd, JD Hall, and the likes.

To listen to this week's episode of The GateKeepers Radio Show where I discuss this issue, click here.

Here's Dr James White interview Dr Michael Brown on The Dividing Line:

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