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Like a Good Neighbor, Stay Over There

With the immigration caravan at the border, I feel that it's time I address the need for a border from a biblical standpoint. There are many examples of borders and boundaries that God has set up throughout history within nations that I would love to delve into at a much later time. For the time being, I would like to use two simple examples that I believe are the strongest advocates for a pro-border conversation.

Granted, much of what the right wing has stated about this being an absolute travesty and that thousands upon thousands of immigrants are invading has indeed fallen apart to a couple hundred people with one person who crossed the border and then was turned back immediately. Now, the left calling this a non-issue is also a completely ignorant statement as to the fact that this is, indeed, a genuine issue. Therefore, we must treat it as a genuine issue and not jump to one extreme or the other, nor exaggerate numbers or panic to push the narrative you see fit.

This is an issue because there is a set process in which we vet people who are trying to come to America so that we can protect what the nation stands for, as well as the people who reside within this nation. We obviously do not want child molesters, murderers or drug traffickers. We do not need people coming to this country who will not assimilate to the American life. After all, if the country they are leaving was such a crap hole, why then would you want to bring those ideals into America and try to implement them? Likewise, if your country wasn’t a crap hole, then why not stay there? You can’t have it both ways. Jews didn’t come running to Allied countries from Germany waving the Nazi flag, so why are Honduran refugees running to America waving the Honduran flag? If you come to this country you must assimilate to an American way of life so we can grow as Americans together. Not only that, but we are an incredible country, and we have the right to only allow incredible people into this country. The fact is, we do not have to take anyone at all, but we understand that we can make this country even greater by allowing amazing people into this country through the legal channels. I am all down for legal immigration, but we absolutely must have a program to choose who gets in the country and who doesn’t. Also, we have systems set up for people seeking asylum who are in danger of countries from their home country. You can simply go to a port of entry and ask for asylum. People cannot just simply cross the border and begin to live here, using up our resources without having any responsibilities whatsoever and possibly pushing a destructive agenda through drugs or crime.

Biblically, we see this after the fall of man when Adam and Eve are banished from the Garden of Eden. They failed to obey and follow the commandment from God and were thus expelled from the Garden. We see that God placed a Cherubim with a flaming sword in the garden. God didn’t kick them out and then welcome them back in with open arms. They failed to meet the requirement and, therefore, were now unwelcome (Gen 3:24). We see it again with Noah and the ark: Only Noah and his family were allowed on the ark. God didn’t tell Noah that everyone who wanted on the boat could come. Rather, He gave Noah specific instructions as to who was to enter the ark at the time of the flood (Gen 6:18). This was to protect the post-flood earth from the vile people (Gen 6:5) of the pre-flood age so that they wouldn’t contaminate the culture of this renewed earth. The living style of that age was so wicked, that in Genesis 6:6 we see that man caused grief in God’s heart and, considering that these people were unwilling to assimilate to the way of life God intended, they would not be welcomed into this new cleansed earth. I know that the day is also coming that God will once again cleanse this earth through the tribulation and prepare for his millennial kingdom on this earth, and, again, we will see requirements for those who will be saved from the tribulation, as well as during the tribulation, before the millennial kingdom. Even now as we live in the church age, we see a single requirement for those seeking salvation (John 3:16). This requirement gains them passageway into heaven or hell, upon death, or prior to the tribulation through the rapture.

The Bible is full of instances of borders as well as restrictions and procedures. Just look at the old Jewish laws of old and you will be filled with requirements that were laid upon people to gain salvation. God wants people with him that chose to assimilate to his way of living. Christ wants us to live Christian lives. We don’t go banging on the doors of Heaven singing praises to Satan... that is such a ridiculous thought! Likewise, we do not need people from other countries waving any flag but the American Flag. We are a nation built upon Christian ideals, and with that comes the idea of having a strong secure border. We need people to assimilate to our way of life so that we may grow as a single nation Under God. We need to be picky about who we let into this country, just as God is picky about who he allowed into His plans of old and whom He will allow into his future heavenly kingdom.

My last point is that we need to have people go through this process to become a citizen because it is a lot of work. It is not easy to become a citizen, trust me, I know. People complain that it needs to be easier and more relaxed, and I couldn’t disagree more. I do not want free-loading lazy immigrants flooding my country, taking my tax dollars, using our “benefits” when there are vets and homeless children of our own we need to take care of.

I know of an incredible woman who came here from another country and went through the rigorous process of becoming a citizen. She was in and out of courthouses and hearings, having to spend thousands of dollars to renew her visa so she could stay here long enough to become a citizen. This young woman eventually met a man whom she fell in love with. They became engaged, but she would only marry him under one condition: she vowed that she would become a United States Citizen without any help from anyone else before she became a married woman. She understood what it meant to be an American, what that “pursuit” for happiness is all about. As easy as it would have been for her to marry this American guy and become a citizen, she wanted to do it on her own grit. That is the type of person I want this country to be made of! That woman has gone forward into society and has made a very respectable career for herself, started a family and, to top it all off, she volunteers a majority of her free time holding fundraisers for the Veterans of America. She knows exactly who to thank for this great nation, and she wants them to know that she is thankful for allowing her the pursuit that ultimately led to happiness and freedom.

If people want in this country they better be ready to work for it. They better be ready to contribute to society and further this country into the future. And, no, I’m not going to take their word for it! Instead, they are going to have to show us that they deserve to be an American and only then will they become one.

Like it or Hate it, this is my exodus.


If you have any questions or comments feel free to message me on twitter @str8whiteshoe.

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