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The Impacts of Lacking Masculinity on Society

This will be the paper that wraps up our conversation regarding manhood for this time. I want to discuss the ramifications that this is having on our society today. From things such as suicide to what this means for our political world, as well.

The total suicide rate, in general, has been on a steady incline since around 2001, according to the CDC, and I firmly believe that this is because we, as men, have mainly forgotten what it means to be a man. Our lives are comfortable, we are experiencing a prosperous time with a great economy, as well as peace. So, with such good circumstances, why is it we are seeing an increase in suicide? With prosperity comes comfort, and with comfort comes laziness. With laziness comes a loss of purpose, and without purpose some may feel that it is unnecessary to continue to live. My generation was raised without having to really deal with any major tragedy that has affected us personally, such as the Great Depression. I, as well as many Millennials, was far too young to be truly affected by 9/11, except those who have lost loved ones or family. Therefore, when they are met with a hardship, they don’t know how to overcome it. It becomes overwhelming, and, rather than taking life by the horns, some choose the easy way out and take their own life. If a younger person was raised with the mentality that he must work for what he wants, life owes you absolutely nothing and to not back down when thrown to the dirt, then when that man grows with age and is brought up against a tricky situation, instead of crying rivers of tears, he knows now is the time to roll up his sleeves and get dirty.

I also noticed, while looking at the stats, that men commit suicide on far greater numbers than women. These are the consequences of having 3rd wave feminism infiltrate and attempt to destroy masculinity. They are stripping little boys of what will make them into men by telling them, “If you want to wear dresses that’s ok.” “If you think you are a girl you are” “Why don’t you try playing with dolls?” Once you take away from a young boy what it is to be a man, you strip him of his identity, and he is left confused as to how he is meant to act. Young men are being taught that it is toxic for them to live out their masculinity and that they are destroying society by being a man. Think about it, if you were raised with the mentality that from the moment you were born you were a “potential rapist” that will always be a part of destroying feminism and that who you are is a poison to our world. It is no wonder we see young boys committing suicide with the numbers rising.

Politically, you are now living in a generation of boys who believe everything should be handed to them, because Mommy and Daddy got me everything, so now that I’m all grown up I expect the government to be my new parents who spoil me. I want the high pay without working for it, or once I’m out of college I deserve the high paying management position. Mom and Dad have a house, so I should have one too! I can’t afford to eat, so that means the government should give me money to eat. Therefore, we see such a rise with the violence on the political left. We are seeing these kids grow up to be nothing but children who always got their way. Now that they aren’t getting their way, they feel the need to throw a temper tantrum and act like the children they are.

The Democratic party wants to tell them that they can step in and be that parental unit at the expense of hard working Americans. They can raise your pay, feed you and provide shelter. The government will take care of you. The Democratic party wants to be worshipped as a god. The younger generation absolutely eats it up. Well, I have a news flash for you, and you’re not going to like it! This life owes you nothing, zero, zilch! The fact you're alive should be enough for you to be thankful. Mommy and Daddy gave you everything? Well, now you don’t even know how to tie your shoes without crying to the government for a handout. You have an engineering degree? Great! Grab a shovel and dig some holes in the heat of summer from daybreak till dawn. I’m sorry is that not what your degree was for? Let me tell you something, if you can’t work a shovel there is no way you should be designing anything. Don’t like it? There’s the door! Get an apartment with your kitchen, bed, and living space all in the same room if that’s all you can afford, because if you yourself pay rent on that crappy dwelling room, you have ten times the respect and ambition than the pot smoking drunk living in his “middle class” apartment that I and all taxpayers are subsidizing. Save your money, be responsible, then buy your own house, OWN IT! Granted, there are circumstances that can set everyone back for a brief time, but if you have been having to rely on the government for years just to eat, to put it frank, it’s time for you to go hungry! Maybe, just maybe, if you get hungry enough you will scrounge up enough ambition to get up off your butt and get a job! When we as men realize that we have been suppressed and pushed down long enough, we can finally gain the courage and at least take back the culture in our church and then our churches in our communities. Don’t rely on the guy next to you to speak up, take responsibility and do it yourself. Be the change in your community. If something wrong is happening in your church, your city council or your school administration, confront it. This is not the time to be tolerant of what is happening, because it’s not you that will suffer because you were too big of a coward to take a stand; it will be your kids, and their kids. Another note, quit trying to be your child’s “best friend” and try being a father instead. We are the men that God has placed on this earth now, in this moment, act like it.

Like it or hate it, this is my exodus.


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