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#MeToo is Dead

Considering recent events, I figured it’s time to touch on the #MeToo movement. This is a movement that has attempted to bring attention to serious rape allegations and events of sexual assault and has, instead, made a mockery of everything it meant to accomplish. As soon as you took this grave issue and put a hash-tag behind it, it became a club that everyone wanted to be a part of. People didn’t care if they had something serious happen to them or not, all they wanted to do was become a part of the movement.

Every person treating this tragedy as a hashtag or movement has diluted credible truthful women and the stories that they have told. We are now comparing rape to an awkward kiss, sex you consented to but then woke up deciding that you wish it would have never happened, your comparing it to a coworker asking you to lunch, brushing next to the person on the train downtown, or the employee at your local fast-food joint lingering his hand with yours as he gives you those beautiful chicken nuggets. Have people become so uneducated and so numb that we are comparing these unimportant stories to rape and sexual assault? Seriously? Rape is a crime that I believe should lead to capital punishment, a crime that is so heinous, so disgusting, disrespectful and evil that the perpetrator should be hung in the gallows for all to see. This person has robbed another person of their dignity and a sense of self-worth that, for some, is unattainable to reclaim. Do I have to define this further for you? If this something that is difficult for someone to grasp, allow me to use smaller words. Rape is the act of someone engaging in sexual intercourse against an unwilling person.

When we start comparing these stories of unwanted touches or an awkward kiss and treat them as sexual assault, it lessens the credibility and the seriousness of an actual account of rape. You all know that one guy at work who is always calling into work “sick.” You know that maybe he has a headache or he couldn’t get out of bed, but, nevertheless, he calls in so often you don’t feel any sympathy for him at all when you hear that he “again” is sick. The same is applicable to this whole dumb #MeToo movement; we begin to lack sympathy as a culture for actual victims of rape, because we have begun to compare it to something as stupid as an awkward handshake or some kid's goofy kiss with the girl he likes in school. We need to drop this whole movement and recognize something as horrible as rape and sexual assault for what it is, not some awkward situation or regret from the night before.

I believe this is all a root of something much bigger. We, as a world, have viewed sex as something that is more recreational than based in a relationship. People view sex as being love instead of an act that people who love each other perform. A lot of those “regrets” could simply be avoided if we followed God’s word and saved sex till marriage with that one person. But, because we want to live our life the way we want to, we end up making mistakes and feeling regret. Because we hate the icky way it makes us feel we must cast the blame on anyone but ourselves. If you make those choices of your own accord and then feel like crap because of it, don’t shift the blame to anyone but yourself. Stop being a coward and own up to your own choices that put you in that mess. Or... or... or realize you messed up, and that “NEWS FLASH!” you don’t know what’s best for you after all. But there is someone who does. He is the one who shaped you, created you in the likeness of Himself. He is your God, and He absolutely knows what is best for you, and, better yet, He wrote it all down in a Book you can all get your hands on.

The people who created #MeToo are the same people who kicked it to the curb and beat it in the gutter. The display all of us Americans watched Brett Kavanaugh go through was the final gunshot wound to the #MeToo movement. To watch a political party drag out this man and humiliate him over accusations that had absolutely no collaborating evidence killed #MeToo and everything that was potentially serious about it. The left has taken this movement and then wielded it like a gnarly, ugly club to destroy innocent men’s lives. They went from saying “Believe some women” to “Believe all women!” as if women lack the very ability to tell a lie. If you don’t believe all women you’re nothing but a sexist part of the patriarchy. They don’t want facts, they want and need to be victims, so they can warp and destroy your sense of reality. In retrospect, I see the silver lining in the Kavanaugh situation: it has shown us how far the left is willing to go and what monsters they really are. It brings me a small hint of joy to see the left take off their mask and expose themselves, not because I was able to see how ugly they can get. No, not at all. But because I believe America got to see how truly ugly they can get.

Like it or Hate it, this is my exodus. November is fast approaching, get out there and VOTE!

-The Shoe

Feel free to message me with any topics you would like to discuss or questions you have using my twitter handle @str8whiteshoe.

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