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We are going to take a break from manhood for a little bit to switch things up. Let’s just dive on in.

ISLAMOPHOBIA: let's explore the word itself shall we; I mean we all want to call conservatives the name anyway. All words, for the most part, break down.

Islam: the violent faith devoted to Muhammad. This is not a religion of peace. Before you explode, let me explain. Islam is a religion devoted to converting or killing people in the name of Allah. Koran; 9:29, 9:5, and 47:4. I could go on. That and ISIS, Taliban, and Muslim brotherhood (AKA C.A.R.E), following the literal Koran.

Phobia: An extreme or Irrational fear of or aversion to something.

According to this, I am not Islamophobic. Rather, my fear is rational, and I am facing the topic head on and am not afraid of confrontation. The fact that this is a religion of Violence is a fact proven by the Koran itself and acted out by Islamics. You just saw it in England. We must first call it what it is - Islamic Terrorism - and then destroy it. Why do you think the Middle East is so messed up? And yet you want to bring all these people to America? To mutilate our women, invoke Sharia law, and to destroy capitalism that has made this country what it is? For anyone that states we must have Tolerance toward the Islamic faith, I challenge you to live in Iran for a single month, follow the Sharia and live by the Koran, see how far that gets you.

This is my exodus.

-The Shoe.

As always feel free to message me with any thoughts or questions via my twitter handle @str8whiteshoe

#Schumann #Islam #Muslim #Allah #Muhammad #conservative #Koran #ShariaLaw #MiddleEast #Islamophobia

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