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Who Are The False Teachers?

Many of the world’s false religions are offshoots of Christianity. Probably our closest offshoot is Catholicism, which is a blending of Christianity and paganism. Then there’s Jehovah’s Witnesses and Mormons, which both add to the Word of God. There are additional books, writings, and would be considered cults, as they are founded by a single person who claims to have additional divine revelation.

Now, the questions is, would teachers within these false religions be considered false teachers by James White? Surely, at the time of Joseph Smith, when he founded Mormonism, he had to be considered a false teacher. He was taking true Biblical Christianity, and then claiming to have extra revelation, thus completely changing almost all theological distinctives, leading people away from true Christianity. Is Mormonism considered a separate religion? Yes! But it is also a warped version of Christianity that must be condemned as false teaching.

If teachers of Mormonism are false teachers, how does that relate to Muslim Imams? James White says that Yasir Qadhi does not fit the biblical definition of a false teacher because he doesn’t claim to be Christian. Would Mohammad have been considered a false teacher? Why do I ask? Because if Mohammad was a false teacher, then all those who teach his teachings would logically also be false teachers, correct?

Islam is similar to Mormonism in that it takes the teachings of the Bible and redefines it to fit the narrative of Mohammad. They try to pass off Allah as the same God as found in the Bible. They believe in Jesus, but they deny His deity. They also deny that Jesus died on the cross to pay the penalty for our sins. Mr. Qadhi explained that they teach that it was actually Judas Iscariot who died on the cross, not Jesus. They not only deny that Jesus was God Himself, but that He was a prophet for the Muslim god Allah, along with all of the Old Testament prophets!

So let me get this straight… Muslims are taking our Bible, the Holy Word of God, and twisting it, redefining it to fit in with what Mohammad was teaching. Obviously, if someone today took our Bible, redefined what it says to claim that Jesus is not God, He did not die on the cross, and that he was a prophet for a false god, we would all call that person a false teacher. So, simply put, by that very definition, Mohammad was a false teacher. Following this same logic, Yasir Qadhi is also a false teacher.

Remember, at a certain point in time, there was no such thing as Islam. And then comes along a guy named Mohammad who takes the Bible, combines it with the false god Allah, and redefines Biblical principles. Thus, all religious leaders of Islam are FALSE TEACHERS.

What does God have in common with Allah? ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! So why is James White participating in Interfaith Dialogues with a Muslim Imam to, in Mr. White’s own words, “not only compare and contrast our differences, but our similarities”?

The Muslim religion has been very intentional with their participating in Interfaith Dialogues. In fact, out of all the religions, Islam is the primary religion pushing these IFDs. So, knowing that, why would any Christian leader, least of all probably one of the smartest apologists of our time, willingly allow a false teacher like Yasir Qadhi to take advantage of his hospitality for ulterior motives?

Islam as a whole is attempting to gain credibility within other religions. Even if all they gain is simply acceptance as a peaceful, legitimate religion, they have accomplished their goals. Their goals, claimed by many different sources, are to come into Western Countries, settle there, and then use the democratic process to establish Shariah Law in these countries. We see this happening in Europe. Many experts say that we are not that far behind. The goal of these types of IFDs are to make Islam not so scary so that the religion will be more readily accepted. It doesn’t matter if they convert anyone, they just want to be accepted so that there won’t be resistance to them slowly infiltrating our country and changing America forever. This is not me being an “America-first” person. This has nothing to do with politics. But if this is their goal, are we not allowing them to take advantage of our hospitality to further their ulterior motives and goals?

Now, I want you to understand something. I want Christians to love their Muslim neighbors, just as I want us to love all people of any religion. Our faith needs to be exemplified for all to see. I want to see Christians preaching the Gospel to Muslims and all unbelievers. I want to see people of all religions, cultures, skin colors and backgrounds come to saving faith in Jesus Christ.

However, we must be careful that we do not compromise in order to get in front of non-Christians. We need to be careful that we do not let others take advantage of our hospitality in order to spread their false teaching.

So now what? Will the church take a stand against those who are clearly ignoring Scripture on this issue? Or will the church follow the lead of White and participate in Interfaith Dialogues? We are at a crossroad… up until this point it has always been the liberal “bad guys” participating in the IFDs. It’s always been easy to condemn. But now one of the “good guys” is doing it… Are we going to give him a pass because he believes in Reformed Theology, or are we going to reject his error and call him to repentance? I don’t want to destroy James White. I want to see him come to repentance from this error. I want to continue to see him proclaim the Gospel to the Muslim world. I just don’t want him setting the precedent that this kind of IFD is biblical. Because it’s not. It’s completely unbiblical. There’s no precedence for it in Scripture, and it disobeys several passages from Scripture.

As the church, we have a choice. We can follow God’s way, or we can follow our own. You know which choice I’ll take…

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