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The Lynch Mob Mentality

Before I launch into this next example of the double standards of Grace To You, I wanted to remind you of why I am doing this. I want to expose the pattern of behavior occurring within the organization so that A) someone within the organization can realize that this is going on and repent, and B) to warn followers of this ministry so that this kind of behavior is not replicated. We've seen this kind of behavior time after time from GTY, and it needs to stop.

Remember, the liberal strategy in politics is, "Accuse others of doing what you yourself are doing." In my last article, I explained how GTY and their Executive Director have been borrowing liberal strategies and using them within the church to destroy anyone in their way. This is one example of that.

During Phil Johnson's post on his own website about his vendetta against Brannon and Worldview Weekend (in which he called it “Worldview Weakened”), Phil referred to the lynch-mob mentality and the attempt to discredit the entire ministry of James White over this one issue of IFD.

After Brannon Howse of Worldview Weekend reached out to Grace Community Church about the behavior of Phil Johnson seeming to defend James White's Interfaith Dialogue and personally attacking Brannon and his ministry, the Grace Community Elders responded with this almost identical statement:

In both of these instances, like I explained in my last article, they threw out general accusations without backing them up. Again, this is a recurring enforcement of a liberal strategy that GTY is using to discredit the opposition.

There is absolutely no evidence to support that there is a lynch mob mentality and that Brannon (or myself or anyone else considered by GTY to be in the "lynch-mob") is trying to discredit the entire ministry of Mr. James White. Where are the examples of this? There are none. The only examples I could get when I pressed Phil was that a guest or two that Brannon had on his show referred to Mr. White as a heretic for this. Let's be logical here. Brannon never said that or implied that. That was someone else. Let's not attribute to Brannon (or anyone for that matter) something that someone else said. Second, one or two people is not a mob of people trying to lynch Mr. White. So that argument is simply irrational.

I've been one of Mr. White's main critics, along with a handful of other key voices. These include Brannon Howse, Pastor Steve Camp, Janet Mefferd, Usama Dakdok and Shahram Hadian. The main concern for all of us is this ONE instance of IFD and the fact that he continues to defend his decision and ridicule those who disagree with him. That is NOT discrediting his entire ministry.

James White is a very smart man (he makes sure that we all know that). He's studied Islam extensively for something like 15+ years. His role as an apologist has helped many solid pastors to understand how our faith compares to false religions, how to understand those false religions, and how evangelize to them. That ministry is perfectly fine and I commend him for his extensive studies in this subject. I don't want to speak for the others, but I would assume that Brannon, Steve, Janet and the rest of the critics of Mr. White would all agree with me: we are not discrediting his entire ministry, as GTY is claiming. No one is calling for his role as an elder to be taken away from him. No one is calling for a boycott of James White. No one is calling for him to be burned at the stake as a heretic. That is simply not the case.

So when the accusation is made against Brannon Howse and Worldview Weekend that they are leading a lynch mob and attempting to destroy James White's entire ministry, that is simply unfounded and not true. We have issues with this ONE situation and the implications and lack of biblical support for participating in these types of events.

Now, the question is, why would GTY make such a false accusation against Brannon, WVW and the rest of the critics of Mr. James White? Again, they are attempting to discredit the opposition. They know that if they can discredit the critics, no one will take them seriously, at least in theory. Furthermore, because this was an official statement from both the Executive Director of GTY and the elders of Grace Community Church, why do they not rescind that claim? Apologize for being wrong and clarify that no one is trying to discredit the entirety of James White's ministry. You can have an issue with something that someone says or does and not brand them a heretic. Grace should know that after calling out James Piper for his continuationist theology.

Remember when I said that GTY is using the liberal strategy of accusing others of doing the same thing that they are doing? This is a perfect example of that. They accuse Brannon of leading a lynch mob to destroy James White’s ministry, all while leading a lynch mob to destroy Brannon’s ministry. Hence, GTY is using that liberal strategy to attack WVW.

What makes this attack against Brannon even more ironic is this excerpt from Phil’s post on his website:

Why does Phil not extend Brannon the same courtesy he extends Mr White? You could apply the above statement to Brannon in the exact same way Phil applies it to James.

Again, these types of attacks are commonplace with GTY and GCC. We are seeing it even in other topics. Instead of dealing with the content of the arguments being made, they simply attempt to shut down anyone who disagrees with them through personal attacks and attempts at discrediting them. This is wrong, unbiblical, unChristlike and needs to stop.

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