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How GTY Staffers use Liberal Strategies to Attack their Enemies

One of the things that has become way too prevalent in today's day and age with debates online is the overgeneralizations that are thrown around simply to discredit the opposition. It's really easy to throw a label on someone and then everything they do is simply a product of that label. With that said, I want to be careful that I don't make the claim that Phil Johnson and those associated with Grace are slandering and making personal attacks against their "enemies" without having clear cut evidence of this. But I also believe that Phil has used this liberal political strategy of overgeneralizing and smacking a label on those who oppose him, Grace or his buddies. I will give a clear example of this to prove my point.

The very first tweet that Phil threw into the Interfaith Dialogue (IFD) debate was:

It's clear as day that he's putting Brannon into a box so that whenever he warns his audience about a false teacher or false teaching, you think, “that's just Brannon attacking a pastor again." It's a tactic that is used in politics all the time and is very effective. We see it in politics all the time. We saw Donald Trump use it against Jeb Bush in the Republican primaries. He called him 'low energy.' Then, whenever you saw Jeb do or say anything, you saw him as slow and out of it. He did it with Ted Cruz: 'Lyin' Ted.' People stopped seeing Ted as truthful. No matter what he said, people didn't trust him. Then, we all know how he used it against Hillary Clinton—that famous name: 'Crooked Hillary.' Everything that was questionable about her was then seen through that prism. It's effective. It works. But it's not fair, and it's not honest. Despite the fact that Phil absolutely hates Trump, and even went so far as to claim that no true Christian would vote for him, he is using Trumps tactics within the church. Brannon's job is to study what's going on in the world and in the church and then share that information with his audience. Often times that is understanding the different worldviews and seeing how that compares to Scripture. This also entails warning his audience about the threats to both our nation and to the church. If you've read any of his books, you know that he provides so much documented information to back up what he's saying, you know he's spent countless hours researching these topics. So when this whole James White IFD with a Muslim Imam occurred, Brannon wanted to warn his audience about this because of the historic significance of this event. Historically, it was the wishy washy pastors who were participating in IFDs with false teachers from false religions. It was understood that this was not a practice that the "good guys" participated in. But all of a sudden, one of the good guys was doing it. IFDs had come into conservative Christianity and Brannon wanted to warn his audience about this. Phil's tweet was an attempt to defend one of his members in the 'Good Ol' Boys Club' (who he's speaking with next month) and discredit Brannon by attempting to make you think that he just attacks everybody, so stop listening when he warns about James White participating in IFDs... I mean, as Justin Peters said, "He's one of the good guys. He's reformed!" As you can see, Phil borrowed a tactic that Donald Trump borrowed from the liberals and used it against Brannon. It was slander and an attempt to discredit his entire ministry, which I thought Grace and Phil were opposed to if you read their statements about "lynch mob mentality" and "attempting to discredit someone's entire ministry." I'll get more into that next time. But I want you to begin to see the pattern and strategy that Phil and Grace staff use against those who disagree with them. They'll attempt to put you in a box so that when people hear what you have to say, they automatically tune you out. Here's the thing, I think that Phil and Grace have underestimated Brannon and his followers. They don't realize that we are educated. They don't realize that we've been listening to John MacArthur sermons and know what he teaches. They don't realize that we can see through their misleading tactics and double standards. They don't realize that we see right through them. It's time for them to wake up and realize that we know what we are talking about, they can't silence us by putting us in a box, and they need to get their act together and start acting more Christ-like. Anyone can be wrong. We saw that in the Bible with Peter. We see that today with Phil Johnson and Grace.

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