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Is Even John Piper Ecumenical?

Over the Christmas holidays, John Piper tweeted, “The Pope dresses down the Vatican for the ‘cancer of clerical careerism.’ In other words, Brothers, We Are Not Professionals.”

It is interesting to note that Piper seems to be calling the Pope a brother… possibly even including all Catholic priests as brothers in Christ.

This tweet came as a shock to many evangelical leaders, while others defended him.

Dan Phillips, the famed Pyromaniacs blogger, responded, “Shouldn’t it have been “Brothers, we are not saved, let alone pastors, let alone professionals?”

Mike Abendroth, host of the No Compromise Radio Show at WorldView Weekend, asked, “‘We’ or ‘you?’ Your lack of Gospel clarity is unnerving.”

Brannon Howse, the founder of WorldView Weekend, responded, “You should spend a week with Pastor Mike (Abendroth) so he can educate you in discernment & knowledge so you avoid ignorant tweets…. Don’t forget this is the same Piper that does not regret his relationship with Driscoll and has promoted Rick Warren.”

Pastor Piper did find some support, however.

Ed Stetzer, pastor of Go Church and the head of LifeWay Research, tweeted, “John Piper mentions the Pope-- & the same 15 Calvinists who are mad at everyone-- for everything-- are outraged. Again. #SMH

Russell Moore, President of Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission for the Southern Baptist Convention, added, "Yup, and there are 15 perpetually outraged anti-Calvinists too."

While John Piper has been well respected among Bible believing Christians for decades, since his sabbatical he’s been finding himself separating from biblical pastors like John MacArthur and Steve Lawson to partnering with men like Rick Warren, Mark Driscoll, Louie Giglio and Carl Lentz.

This article was originally posted several years, but the information is relevant today. As far as I know, Pastor Piper has not clarified or corrected his tweet. Plus the alliances that defend him and others like him are still in effect.



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