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Remember That Time Rick Warren Called The Pope The Holy Father?

This article was originally written and posted several years ago. However, as far as I know, Rick Warren has not repented from his ecumenical ways. Additionally, this is a threat to the Gospel, as positioning Protestants and Catholics as a part of the Body of Christ invalidates the true Gospel, since the Catholic Church preaches a false Gospel. Rick Warren is fueling the long-deserved accusations of being ecumenical by his latest speech at the Vatican. While speaking during the conference examining the roles of men and women, he addressed the Pope as "The Holy Father." According to Protestant theology, Warren shouldn't view the Pope as Holy, or The Holy Father, when addressing the Pope. Many see this as Warren positioning himself to work with the Catholic Church to bring the world's religions together as one.

Here his speech at the Vatican:

Austin Ivereigh, who is a Catholic reporter, posted on Twitter: "One of my favorite moments today: @RickWarren referring to @Pontifex as "the Holy Father."

For centuries, Protestants have seen the Catholic Church as a false religion, due to their views of salvation (earning salvation), the Pope (seen as God's spokesperson), the elevated view of Mary (seen as perfect), and many other false teachings.

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