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The Piper/Driscoll Connection

During his regular Ask Pastor John podcast, John Piper discussed the Mark Driscoll fiasco. He stated, "First, no regret. John Piper has no regret for befriending Mark Driscoll, going to Mark Driscoll’s church and speaking at his events, or having him come to the Desiring God conference. I do not regret that."

He went on to say that he understands why bookstores are pulling Driscoll's books from their shelves, but that those books are, for the most part, true and that they would one day stand on their own and start selling again. He seemed to ignore the fact that many of his books have been found to be plagiarized.

Pastor Piper also seemed unconcerned with the fact that Driscoll refused to go through the restoration process at Mars Hill Church and, instead, resigned as pastor. That has left many current and former members at Mars Hill with a lot of unresolved pain due to his actions. John Piper has a long history of giving legitimacy to many false, unqualified and heretical pastors. To read his full article at Desiring God, please click here. This article was originally written and posted several years ago. To my knowledge, Pastor John Piper has not publicly shared any regret for his giving credibility to Pastor Mark Driscoll. If/when that happens, I will be happy to update this article to reflect that.

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