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THROWBACK: Beth Moore Partnered with Joyce Meyer


This article was originally posted several years ago. However, to date, I have not seen any evidence of Beth Moore repenting for her unbiblical partnership with Joyce Meyer. I pray for repentance. Unfortunately, people need to be reminded of the problems with Beth Moore and her affirmations of Ms Meyer. Beth Moore is considered by most women in the church to be the most biblically sound Women's Bible Teacher in the world. Almost every church in America uses her Bible studies for their women's ministry. Now, she is partnering with arguably the most popular woman pastor, Joyce Meyer. She was recently on her television show discussing Unity in the Body of Christ.

Now, BM and Joyce Meyer should have their theological differences. BM has shared the same stage with biblical pastors like John Piper, while Joyce Meyer has widely been considered a charismatic, word of faith, prosperity gospel "pastor."

Many biblical Christian leaders have called Joyce Meyer a false teacher, including John MacArthur, Brannon Howse, Justin Peters and many more. A few examples of her "interesting" theology are: 1) Jesus stopped being the Son of God, 2) Jesus was born again, 3) Jesus did not pay for our sins on the cross, but in hell, 4) we must believe that Jesus went to hell in order to be saved, 5) we are little gods, 6) she (Joyce Meyer) is not a sinner, 7) she receives extrabiblical revelation directly from God, and 8) women can, and should be, pastors.


During the episode, Joyce Meyer told BM, "We have small doctrinal differences... but I agree with your spirit, your heart, with everything you're doing and teaching the body of Christ."

BM told Joyce Meyer, "It is a day for us to come together and say 'we love the same Jesus, we love the same scriptures."

BM also affirmed Joyce Meyer's ministry with this statement, "I don't have much to offer you but this, Joyce Meyer: I offer you my respect, I offer you my esteem, and I say to you, 'You are a mighty woman of God, and you have run and are running your race well.'"

Now that Beth Moore and Joyce Meyer have endorsed each other, we now know where they stand. So next time you are deciding whether to use a Beth Moore Bible study for your women's minstry, remember the type of theology that she is now supporting by giving her stamp of approval to Joyce Meyer.

To watch the entire episode, click here.


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