Upcoming shows

April 6th

@ 12pm PT

Mindy Robinson is a host, actress, and political commentator with degrees in both American History and Political Science. She moved to southern Nevada six years ago to escape the lunacy of the Left in California only to watch this beautiful business-friendly, gun friendly, tax friendly state turn blue due to corruption, do-nothing politicians, and voter fraud. She continues to be vocal and use her national online platform to highlight local issues and concerns and to GET THINGS DONE. She will demand voter ID to secure our elections and restore the constitutional rights and freedoms that have been chiseled away by the current Dems in power. 

April 14th

@ 11am PT

Ask Dr Mike is a new show by The GK Podcast Network where YOU can ask Dr Mike Spaulding any question you might have. Jeff Dornik will ask your questions live on air... you can submit your questions to gatekeepersonline@gmail.com. 

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