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Good Afternoon Patriots, 

 Because you may or may not be reading any future material I may be writing I figured it was important for you to know who I am and where it is I am coming from to gain a basic understanding of my future here with this platform.  It’s simple really, I was raised in a Christian home with a Godly father of strength, and a Godly mother of compassion; both with an understanding of love and a strong faith.  I lived in small towns in the Midwest most my life, waking up to the smell of the fresh tilled earth and going to sleep under a star lit sky.  In many ways I’m a lot like you, and in many more, I’m probably not.  

What I want to bring to you, is an outlook on society, life, and politics then tie it all together through a conservative Christian perspective.  I’m not here to talk about what feels good, or what someone views as right or wrong, I’m not here to “tolerate” other opinions and treat them as they are correct when they blatantly reject the truth.   In the end, the truth doesn’t care if you like it or not, because it is just that, Truth.  I am a Christian first, a husband second, and Third a patriot.  I love my God and I love my Country and I will not apologize for what’s right.  With this platform as my voice and the word of God as my foundation we will look at this world in all its glory and disgust together.

Like it or hate it this is my exodus.

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